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    Maintenance Instructions for Belo Inox Cutlery

    Belo Inox Cutlery is produced using the highest quality raw materials and with careful maintenance should maintain its original state for many years.

    • After each use, remnants of should be removed in a way that avoids prolonged contact with the utensils.
    • During manual washing use hot water, a neutral detergent and a sponge or soft cloth.
    • Dish washers should avoid using abrasive detergents.
    • The cutlery should be placed in the machine’s basket with the handles turned down, separating the knifes from the rest of the utensils.
    • Belo Inox cutlery should not be washed in contact with other metal objects.
    • There should be special care with the knife blades due to their extra sharpness, and as they are more susceptible to oxidization they should be dried after each washing.
    • In order to recuperate the original shine and remove lasting stains from a lesser quality washing, use a soft cloth with a few drops of lemon juice.
    • Do not leave Belo Inox cutlery in places of humidity.
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    Sense, just like all Belo Inox silverware, is 100% made in Portugal and mostly handmade. Using multiple techniques that we’ve been perfecting for over 60 years, we manufacture superior quality silverware, with high-end design, materials and finishes..

    Sense is completely recyclable and maintains its quality for several years if properly cared for.

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Washing Care
Finished Cutlery
Warranty and Storage
  • Washing Care



    • Use warm to hot water, neutral soap and a soft sponge or cloth

    • To maintain or recover the original shine and remove any spots caused by improper washing, use a soft cloth with a few drops of lemon juice or ethyl alcohol

    • Be especially careful with knife blades. Due to their high cutting power, they’re more susceptible to oxidation and should be dried immediately after washing.

    • After each use, remove food residues in order to avoid prolonged contact with the cutlery.


    Machine washing: 


    • Avoid abrasive soaps and detergents

    • Place all the cutlery in the silverware basket in the washing machine with the handles facing down and separate knives from others

    • We highly recommend that after each machine cycle all cutlery is taken out of the machine and immediately dried with a soft cloth

    • Keep away from other metallic objects during the washing cycle

    • To maintain or recover the original shine and remove any spots caused by improper washing, use a soft cloth with a few drops of lemon juice or ethyl alcohol

  • Finished Cutlery

    • Belo Inox cutlery that uses special materials and finishes, such as PVD, gold, silver and others, must be exclusively machine washed. In addition to all the machine washing recommendations, if your Belo Inox set has a special finish, it should be washed at below 60º temperatures and using detergents with phosphate levels below 10%.

    • On any silverware featuring a resin/fiber handle, such as our NEO model, the handle natural color can be revived by hydrating it with buttery lotion.

  • Warranty and Storage

    Belo Inox cutlery is made with high-quality raw materials and with proper care will maintain its prime condition for several years. 


    • Belo Inox offers a 2 year warranty on all its cutlery sets, granted it shows no signs of mishandling and all care and storage recommendations were followed. In such cases, your set will be replaced with no additional costs.

    • Don’t store your cutlery in high humidity places.

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