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    Maintenance Instructions for Belo Inox Cutlery

    Belo Inox Cutlery is produced using the highest quality raw materials and with careful maintenance should maintain its original state for many years.

    • After each use, remnants of should be removed in a way that avoids prolonged contact with the utensils.
    • During manual washing use hot water, a neutral detergent and a sponge or soft cloth.
    • Dish washers should avoid using abrasive detergents.
    • The cutlery should be placed in the machine’s basket with the handles turned down, separating the knifes from the rest of the utensils.
    • Belo Inox cutlery should not be washed in contact with other metal objects.
    • There should be special care with the knife blades due to their extra sharpness, and as they are more susceptible to oxidization they should be dried after each washing.
    • In order to recuperate the original shine and remove lasting stains from a lesser quality washing, use a soft cloth with a few drops of lemon juice.
    • Do not leave Belo Inox cutlery in places of humidity.
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